E-Boil Systems' Customer Reviews: What Customers Are Saying About E-Boil Systems

22.05.24 03:08 PM By EboilSystems

At E-Boil Systems, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality water solutions and exceptional customer service. What sets us apart is the positive feedback from our satisfied customers. In this blog post, we’ll share real user reviews and show how our products are improving homes and businesses across South Africa.

One of E-Boil Systems' satisfied customers

BlueWave Boiling Water Dispenser Customer Testimonials

We would like to thank E-Boil Systems for the excellent service rendered for the BlueWave's  fitted in the Cape Town Civic Centre. Having a vendor supplying a quality product with dependable back up service when things on the odd occasion do go wrong add value and is appreciated. This is telling in the improvement in our survey outcomes.
Abdul Khan - Administrative Officer - City Of Cape Town - BlueWave Boiling Water Dispenser Installations
We would like to confirm that E-Boil Systems is a vendor at Woolworths (PTY) Limited, Cape Town and has delivered good service throughout this last year. Their products are of a high standard and service delivery is impeccable.
Nadeem Jacobs - Head Office Maintenance Manager - Woolworths - BlueWave Boiling Water Dispenser Installations
We have these BlueWave dispsensers installed in some of our stores and most definitely will continue installing these units after seeing the energy saving compared to other boiling water dispenser brands.

Gerhard Jovner - Development Manager - KFC Rohloff Group - BlueWave Boiling Water Dispenser Installations
Excellerate has been dealing with E-Boil Systems for a number of years and has built a dependable client service provider relationship. They have built their relationship on exceptional workmanship, reliability, excellent after sales service and quality products.
Duran Poje  - Facilities Manager For Sanlam And Santam Buildings - BlueWave Boiling Water Dispenser Installations
With the BlueWave, my team has instant access to boiling water at the touch of a button. This may seem like a small convenience, but it has had a noticeable impact on our productivity. The service we receive from E-Boil Systems is also excellent.
Dean Schreuder  - Managing Director - DSL Telecom - BlueWave Boiling Water Dispenser Installation
Old Mutual Corporate Property Management has been using the products and services of E-Boil systems for a number of years. Their instant hot water units are reliable, fit for purpose with a beautiful aesthetic appearance which suits modern office kitchen environments. I recommend their superb products and excellent service.
Jamiel Amien  - Facilities Manager - BlueWave Boiling Water Dispenser Installations
We became an E-Boil customer about 10 years ago when we purchased the 25L BlueWave boiling water dispenser. Since then, E-Boil Systems has given us great service without any hassles. We can definitely recommend this product as it promotes itself. We are greatly satisfied with E-Boil Systems.
Martin Spence - Manager - Super Spar Laaiplek - BlueWave Boiling Water Dispenser Installation
I have been in hotels for 20 years and have used many versions of instant hot water systems. I quite comfortably state that yours is by far the most reliable of all units available on the market locally. Service has always been good and never have we been let down in 5 years at the Taj by your product.
Russell Olsen - Chief Engineer - The Taj Hotel - BlueWave Boiling Water Dispenser Installation
The Silver Wings Spur has been using E-Boil Systems' Bluewave for the last 3 years. We chose this product over similar products due to affordability and pre & after sales service. Having used these products over many years, we find that this is one of the most suitable products for hot water dispensing on call, as well as the low electrical consumption. We have now also installed a new unit in our new branch at Red Falcon Spur, and look forward to the cost saving.
David More O'Ferral - Owner/Operator - The Spur Silver Wings And Spur Red Falcon - BlueWave Boiling Water        Dispenser Installations

E-cotherm Tankless Electric Water Heater Customer Testimonials

The E-cotherm is the true definition of ''instant'' water heating. I am extremely happy with your product and I would even resell these products!

Siyabulela Ngizela - Private Customer - E-cotherm Tankless Electric Water Heater Installation
We had an E-cotherm unit fitted a few weeks ago and its the definition of instant water heating. We are extremely satisfied with your product! 

Renier Havenga - Financial Manager - Cape Town Lodge - E-cotherm Tankless Electric Water Heater Installation

Mini Geyser Customer Testimonial

We are delighted with the two mini geysers you put into our house in Cedar Lakes and would like to enquire about installing another one in our kitchen to serve two basins. Even though the existing geyser is close enough, we have become used to getting instant hot water for quick use.
Mike Prior - Private Customer - Mini Geyser Installation
The true measure of quality in water systems is the experience of those who use them daily. Our positive customer feedback highlights real benefits of our products. Contact E-Boil Systems today and see the difference for yourself.
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