Customer Success Story: E-Boil's Boiling Water Dispenser Installation At DSL Telecom

03.04.24 08:24 AM By EboilSystems
About DSL Telecom
Established in 2009, DSL Telecom specialises in offering a wide range of services, including Cloud PBX phone systems, fibre and LTE internet connectivity services and Zoho software solutions in South Africa. In this blog post, we take a look at a recent BlueWave boiling water dispenser installation at their secondary office space.
The Requirements
To accommodate DSL Telecom's growing team of 60+ staff members, the company recently acquired a secondary office space with over 30 employees relocating to these new premises. Their key requirement was to ensure that boiling water was readily available for all 30 staff members. This would eliminate the need to wait for hot water, consequently reducing downtime and enabling them to focus on their work, ultimately boosting productivity. Their next requirement was for a high-quality boiling water dispenser to fit neatly against the wall of the compact staff kitchenette, optimising the available space.
A DSL Telecom staff member preparing a beverage with the BlueWave
The Result
An E-Boil Systems technician professionally installed the 7.5 litre BlueWave boiling water dispenser at their premises in just a few hours. With the BlueWave unit in place, DSL Telecom now enjoys numerous benefits including: 
  • Enhanced operational efficiency since team members have immediate access to boiling hot water for their beverages.
  • Significant savings on their electricity bill given that the energy-efficient BlueWave heats only the water that is required.
  • A safer environment where the risk of accidents or damage to property are minimised thanks to built-in safety features such as automatic shut-off, electric surge and spike protection, and an anti-dry boil feature.
  • Confidence that their BlueWave investment is highly durable and will retain its pristine appearance over time, due to its construction using premium materials. 
'' With the BlueWave, my team has instant access to boiling water at the touch of a button. This may seem like a small convenience, but it has had a noticeable impact on our productivity. The service we receive from E-Boil Systems is also excellent. ''

- Dean Schreuder, Managing Director at DSL Telecom
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